Thank you for choosing Solar Chem Roofing (SCR) as your preferred Roof & Exterior Maintenance Company.


Q. By Whom, How & When will I be contacted regarding my Job?
A. The Production Manager will be in contact with you via phone. Depending on your service/job, the general timeframe for contact is:

  • Within 48 hours of acceptance of the quote & the deposit received for a Resurface Job
  • 24 hours beforehand for a Moss Treatment, Spouting Clean, Repair or House Wash Only.

Q. Are there any Council Regulations?
A. Yes. Due to Council Regulations we are required to disconnect the downpipes from Spouting to prevent discharge entering the Stormwater System. Solar Chem encourages eco-friendly practices.

Q. Are there Safety Regulations?
A. Yes. Your Roofing Consultant will advise what Safety Requirements are necessary to do your job safely.

Q. Do I need to be home when my job is done?
A. No you don’t need to be home.


Q. How many stages are there in the Resurfacing Process?
A. There are 4-5 stages. The specified job can take from two to six weeks (weather dependant). The Production Manager will call 24 hours before each of these next stages are due.

Your initial Roofing Consultant will also be in contact with you during the process to cover any questions or concerns you may have, & confirm your colour choice.

Moss Treatment – refer Moss Treatments below

Spouting Clean
– refer Spouting Cleans below

Water Flush

Q. Will my water be used?
A. Yes. The price allows for the use of your water. Average roof usage is 1500-2000 litres (approximately $5.00)

Q. Do I need to do anything before the Water Flush?
A. Yes. Close all doors, & windows. Remove washing from the line. Move any cars, caravans or boats. Any mess created will be cleaned up.

Q. What if I have things stored in my ceiling?
A. Please advise the Office as soon as possible so items can be covered; including Alarms & DVS systems.


Q. Will SCR need access inside?
A. Yes for most jobs – Production will advise you beforehand.


Q. Will SCR need access to power?
A. Yes. The average power usage is $2.00.

Q. How do I choose my Roof Colour?
A. Options: 1. Solar Chem Colour Chart; 2. Tile Samples; 3. Addresses of Roofs to Look At.

Q. What do I need to do once my roof has been resurfaced?
A. As preventative maintenance moss treat the roof every three years. Stops damage occurring and we can do a general check over the roof.

Moss Treatments

Q. Why Moss Treat?
A. Moss & algae growth will cause leaks by blocking waterflow, & damage the roof surface by eating into substrate, & cause dangerous, slippery pathways.

Q. What product is used for the moss treatment?
A. The product “SolarQuad” is used, a low-active biocide.

Q. What if my property is on Tank Water?
A. If you are on tank water; the tanks must be disconnected by the Owner prior to application, and remain disconnected until downpipe discharge stops foaming.

Q. Will my roof look clean straight after the Moss Treatment is applied?
A. No, you will not see any immediate difference straight after the moss treatment is applied because the product used is a low active biocide formulated to kill growth at the spores and will come clean over a 6-12 month period guaranteed. The product will stay active for up to two years.

Q. Can the Moss Treatment affect my plants?
A. To prevent plants/gardens being affected our applicator waters down plants prior to & immediately after the moss treatment is applied as an extra precaution.

Q. How often should I clean my roof?
A. Recommended minimum for every two-three years.

Q. What if I have a DVS/HRV System in my ceiling? Do I need to do anything?
A. No. If however you have allergies/sensitivity you may prefer to turn your DVS or HRV off during the moss treatment – please advise the Office.

Q. Is the product harmful to animals?
A. Although “SolarQuad” is a low-active biocide, it can still be harmful to animals if ingested or gets on their skin while the product is still wet. For this reason we recommend as a precaution only that all pets/animals are kept away from all treated areas until 100% dry.

Spouting Cleans

Q. What if my property is on Tank Water?
A. If you are on tank water, the tanks must be disconnected by the Owner prior to cleaning.

Q. Does SCR check for spouting leaks?
A. Yes. Once the spoutings are 100% cleaned any potential issues will be highlighted & the Owner informed.

Q. Does SCR check & advise if any other work is required?
A. Yes. The Applicator checks over the entire roof to check for potential leaks (caused by broken tiles, loose nails or torn flashings), & checks the coating. The Applicator will also advise if the House, paths or driveway requires washing. The Customer will be contacted by SCR if anything further is required.

Exterior Wash

Q. What Product does SCR use?
A. We use an Eco-Friendly product. It contains naturally derived solvent, blended vegetable oil surfactants and phosphate free water conditioners and dispersants.

Q. Do I need to do anything before SCR arrives?
A. Yes. SCR recommends you close all windows & remove any washing from the clothesline.

Q. What if I have a DVS/HRV System in my ceiling? Do I need to do anything?
A. Yes. Do not have your DVS or HRV switched on during the Exterior Wash & please advise the Office.